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2020 - LE.MO.N.

My Eco Track


My Eco Track

Project period: November 2021 – November 2023
Target group:
– Youth workers
– Young people
Coordinator: Caminos (Spain)
Partners of the project: Eurogeo VZW (Belgium), Die Berater Unterenehmens-beratung GmbH (Austria), Bimec Ltd. (Bulgaria), Pistes Solidaires (France), Synergasia Enegon Politon (Greece), ASDPESO – Colégio João Paulo II (Portugal)


The context
In France, 7 out of 10 young people interviewed said they were active on climate issues. And only 55% of them believe they are well informed about climate change. Climate protection remains a very wide topic for most of us. People committed to a more sustainable future are often the same people who are already aware of the environmental challenges, the measures to be taken and the changes to be made in everyday practices.
This is particularly the case for climate change education. Basic knowledge about climate and the environment is covered in many subjects at school (chemistry, sciences) but climate change and environmental protection are not considered as a compulsory part of the curriculum, leaving young people without proper knowledge. At the same time, youth workers are faced with an overflow of information and content which is filled with highly scientific knowledge, and they may not have the resources to sort and summarise this information.
My Eco Track aims to address the needs of youth workers for learning content, innovative and engaging methodologies for climate education, as well as the need for young people to be able to relate learning content directly to their situation.


The objectives
– Raise awareness of climate change among youth workers and young people,
– Enable youth workers to engage young people from disadvantaged groups and/or young people who were not previously interested in the topic,
– Motivate young people; enable them to develop skills on the subject, and how to change their own behaviour for a greener future.

It envisages to deliver the following results by the end of the project:
– Factbook on Climate Education: it will provide a methodological and content base for the project. The Handbook offers an overview of key knowledge on the climate topic and learning units the professionals can cover and implement in their practices and especially how they can engage young people.
– Mobile app: it is set to be a simple and easily accessible way to learn about climate change, as well as properly evaluate one’s own environmental behavior and practices.
– Guidelines for curricula implementation and Training : will take use of the previously developed Results and provide the guidelines on how to properly implement the combination of traditional training course content and mobile application.


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