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2020 - LE.MO.N.

What if you took part in a civic initiative with other young people?

As part of our NEUEYT project, we will develop a series of "Silent Debate" workshops.

This will be an opportunity for you to exchange with other young people (from 16 to 20), but above all with political decision-makers, on topical issues that affect us all.

Why a silent debate? Because debating is first and foremost about learning to listen actively and letting everyone express themselves.

  • 3 mixed workshops (face-to-face and online) to learn debate techniques, to develop your ability to argue in a relevant way in order to make your voice heard!
  • A final event where you can debate with policy makers.
  • A way to fully express your citizenship and actively participate in local politics.

Want to participate?
Fill in the form by clicking HERE and we will contact you to launch the workshops!

NEUEYT Project - Silent Debate