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2020 - LE.MO.N.

Volunteering in Greece – Joyce ‘n’ Fun

Joyce 'n' Fun

Fanny from France - ESC volunteer in Greece

Hello, my name is Fanny, I’m French and I left in Greece during 2 months. More precisely in Skiathos, a very small island.
I could meeting very nice people, from different countries. For me, these meetings have enriched my trip. And the project bring a more ! I had a opportunity to visit Athenes just before my departure. So my trip was just unforgettable and I would really like to do it again if I could. Thank you Pistes Solidaires, for everything!
Here are some photos of my volunteering experience:

Travelling: it’s also about the beauty of meeting new people

Free time: the word ‘free’ takes on a new level of meaning

A small island among the big ones

Skiathos: the island of many aventures

A chance to visit the capital