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2020 - LE.MO.N.



VR Europe

VR Europe is a multiplayer, immersive, Virtual Reality augmented learning platform combining language, culture, and history.


Project period: May 2023 – October 2025

Coordinator: LudusXR Aps – Denmark

Partners of the project: Pistes-Solidaires – France, Synthesis center for research and education – Cyprus, Verein Niedersächsischer Bildungsinitiativen (VNB) – Germany, Eco Logic – The Republic of North Macedonia

Website: E-Learning Platform coming soon




The context:

The purpose of the VR Europe project is to create a ‘flight simulator for language, culture and history learning’. It is a multiplayer, immersive, Virtual Reality augmented learning platform combining language, culture, and history. Learners can study the language, the culture, and the history of EU partner countries in an e-learning system employing speech recognition for verbal interaction and dialogue practice. Artificial intelligence guides the learner’s path and combines all of that in a virtual reality narrative where two learners, together, participate in a significant historical event that has impacted the partner country as well as having impact on the EU cultural heritage understanding. The learners participate in the event in an ‘escape-room’ narrative, having to make sure that the event takes place, so that history is not altered.

The main aim of the project is to reinforce the development of multilingualism as a key competence, as well as to focus on creating a better cross-border cultural understanding. Not only that, but also understanding of how the history of the European Union binds this all together, promoting the European values of peace, tolerance, inclusion, and diversity. The project also promotes a larger cultural awareness, highlighting the commonality of human experience and the wealth of heritage present in Europe. The project aims to tie all this together in one complete package that takes full advantage of the known benefits of Virtual Reality and social gaming.


The objectives:

The main purpose of the project is to create a virtual reality based, hybrid language, culture, and history learning platform, whereby learners can learn the language, culture, and significant history of the individual partner countries through:

-A speech recognition and artificial intelligence-based e-learning system that teaches the learner the language, culture, and history of the partner country.

-A gamified Virtual Reality, multiplayer experience within a significant historical setting.


The results:

The project outcomes will be:

-An e-learning system for:

  1. Language
  2. Culture
  3. History – significant event in partner’s history, relating to the overall EU history.

-An immersive Virtual Reality experience where learners can relive and participate in an actual event that happened and have to do so by using the acquired language, culture and historical knowledge.

The outcomes will be available for self-study, as well as for blended learning whenever, wherever there is time, energy, and motivation.