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Nagyvázsony, Hungary – start August 2023 (1 month)

Type of offer: Volunteering
Coordinator:  Fekete Sereg
Place: Nagyvázsony, Hungary
Period: 31/08/2023 – 23/09/2023



Fekete Sereg is looking for 18 volunteers to participate in an excavation.


Fekete Sereg is located in the village of Nagyvázsony (pronounced like Nodjvashon), west of the beautiful Lake Balaton, where approximately 1800 inhabitants live. It has a primary school, a kindergarten, three little supermarkets, a bank, a post office, a café, some hotels, a small gym, a youth centre and a lot more. Nagyvázsony is also famous for it‘s castle from the middle ages which is why tourists visit Nagyvázsony as well.



18 volunteers will be hosted at the same time to participate in the excavation. The mission is to find the remains of Pál Kinizsi, the famous general of King Mathias ́ Black Army . Volunteers will have the opportunity to take part in all phases of the archaeological excavation: at the beginning of the excavation, the removal of the top layer ground is done by hand, which is of course not too hard, but still physical work (spade, shovel, pick, wheelbarrow). Once the archaeological strata is reached – in this case graves should be discovered – the skeletons are excavated and prepared for documentation. This requires a much more detailed fine breakdown with small tools (spatula, charcoal shovel, brush, etc.). After documentation, the frames are picked up and packaged.

Photographs and drawings of the archaeological phenomena discovered (layers, pits, structures, graves, etc.) are made, and photo 3D documentation 0f them is also taken, all of which can be done by volunteers under the supervision of professionals.

Other tasks
Volunteers will also have the opportunity to use the metal detector with the help of metal exploration researchers and professionals involved in the exploration. Applicants can also take part in the primary cleaning of the discoveries and their repackaging after cleaning.

Volunteers are also needed to update  social media pages. This includes creating photos or small videos, with no limits to creativity. There is also a possibility of renovating some village benches.


Send your CV and a motivation letter in English to Rita:

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