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Madeira Island, Portugal – start January 2024

Type of offer: Volunteering
Coordinator:  The University of Madeira Students’ Union
Place: Madeira Island, Portugal
Period: Janaury 2024 start



The University of Madeira Students’ Union is looking for volunteers to help promote the art, culture, and history of Madeira and to provide support to their university’s students.


The MADEIRAN HERITAGE program brings together the cultural and tourist values promoted by the University of Madeira Students’ Union. The program is executed through the promotion of several monuments and attractions of Funchal where a wide range of services are offered, highlighting the free educational visits that are provided to educational establishments throughout the region. In addition, the MADEIRAN HERITAGE offers, free of charge, music, exhibitions, cultural tours, audio guides, autonomous circuits of history and other initiatives.

The Jesuits’ College of Funchal, the Church of St. John the Evangelist, the Town Hall of Funchal, the Legislative Assembly of Madeira, the Monastery of Santa Clara, the historic centre of the city and Quinta Vigia are monuments and attractions that are integrated into our program.

MADEIRAN HERITAGE is a winner of several national and international awards, including the Good Practices Award of Young Associativism, awarded by the Portuguese Institute of Youth and Sports, and the University Volunteer Award, promoted by Santander.


As a volunteer in this program, you will have the opportunity to support the visitor’s knowledge of the valuable material and immaterial heritage of our region through our cultural and historical circuits. In addition, you will help us provide free educational visits to educational establishments throughout the region, as well as free music, exhibitions, cultural tours, audio guides, and other initiatives.


To access the application and to learn more about the MADEIRAN HERITAGE program, please visit the website at


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