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2020 - LE.MO.N.


youth school education



Project period: March 2021 – February 2023
Target group:
– Direct target group: teachers, youth workers, community gardeners
– Beneficiaries: young people aged 15-18, who are potential school drop-outs or drop-outs
Coordinator: Replay Network (Italy)
Partners of the project: Social Farms & Gardens (United Kingdom), Pistes-Solidaires (France), UCLL (Belgium), Lycée  Jean Errecart (France), IIS Piaget-Diaz (Italy), Gloverspiece School (United Kingdom)


The context
The Covid-19 crisis forced teachers all over Europe to urgently acquire IT tools and methodologies that they had to use without access to schools. This leap forward in the integrated use of technology in education has highlighted two very important points:
– The inability, in many cases, of families to provide (all) their children with quality individual technology equipment, and to be able to adjust their working hours to support them. This has resulted in an increased risk of school drop-out.
– The considerable involvement of other civil society actors, who enter the lives of young people on a daily basis, to help schools and teachers provide individualised educational support to those who are most in difficulty.


The objectives
– To develop and test activities to promote access to education for pupils.
– To propose a pedagogical and cooperative approach between different educational actors in the shared gardens.
– Provide learning bubbles equipped with an iPad Pro connected to wifi.
– To set up an innovative ecosystem; to facilitate the co-design and co-creation of learning paths between schools and non-formal education organisations.