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Tarm, Denmark – start August 2022 (10 months)

Type of offer: Volunteering
Coordinator:  AFS Interkultur
Place: Tarm, Denmark
Period: Start August 2022 (10 months)
Accommodation: Volunteers live at the school


AFS Interkultur is looking for a volunteer to work in a boarding school, Blåkilde Efterskole.


At the beginning of the stay, there will be a start-up meeting between the volunteer, mentor, and the management of the school. Here the volunteer will be introduced to the school and its rules and regulations. Moreover, a matching of expectations will be held and based on the wishes and aims of the volunteer. A specific plan for the stay will be made.
However, the typical tasks at Blåkilde Efterskole could be both practical works, tasks relating to teaching, and arrange evening social activities. The practical work could be work with the caretaker or in the kitchen. Teaching tasks could be both in relation to language classes, math classes, sports classes, outdoor classes, drama classes, art classes, and other creative classes. Evening activities are about giving our students the option to join different kinds of social activities to get involved with each other.
Further, events, weekend activities, and parties with the students can be arranged by the volunteers, in collaboration with the staff.



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