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2020 - LE.MO.N.




Gamification and digital tools to support NEETs.



Project period: may 2016 – may 2018
Target group: NEETS between 18 and 25 years old / Youth workers working directly with NEETS
Coordinator: Pistes Solidaires
Partners of the project: AMC (Portugal), Know and Can Association (Bulgaria), Replay Network (Italy), Cazalla Intercultural (Spain), PiNA (Slovenia) and Fekete (Hungary)
Website of the project:
Website portfolio: e-Portfolio




The context
Fourteen million of young Europeans are not in employment, education or training (NEETs) and their number has been growing ever since the economic crisis. NEETS are more likely than other citizens to follow radicalist movements because they feel they are outside of society and they reject the established model. Mascheerini, one of the authors of the Eurofound report on NEETs explains that these young people are attracted by radicalism in Europe. Institution, either the EC or National government are getting aware of the consequences of this phenomenon.


The objectives
Com-Pass is funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus Plus program and aims at giving an innovative input to this issue by developing a social and civic approach, with 3 steps :​​
– to understand NEETs’ path and get NEETs involved in society through a digital storytelling approach
– to develop an educational approach so that NEETs can become more self-aware and gain in confidence, within their environment and society. The REAL-E method is based on the criteria of Repère-Equilibre-Adaptation-Limites-Échanges (Landmark-Balance-Adaptation-Limits-Exchanges);
– to determine and highlight the skills and competences of the people involved in the project through an e-portfolio platform, based on soft skills – the comp-pass platform.

This final objective of this 3-step process is to get young people motivated to get back to employment, training or any other kind of re-socialisation projects (such as volunteering).


The result
– A guide on the theme of “digital storytelling” to appropriate methods and tools and workers with NEETs.
→ Download the resource

– A training method allowing to reflect on the path but also the skills that can be valued and reinforced. Based on the use of a game of goose of 40 squares, animated by a specific method. Available in all partner languages
→ Download the resource

– An electronic portofolio allowing participants to talk about their career paths, present their experiences in different formats (video, photos…) but especially to highlight social skills.
→ ePortfolio