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2020 - LE.MO.N.

”My project is about combining generations”

Orhan, 25 years old, from Turkey, EVS Combining Generations in Petrinja, Croatia, coordinate by IKS

All we need is…

I’m on this project because my goal is to explore a new culture, to learn new language, meet new people, hear new stories, try new tastes and see new places. Maybe Petrinja is a small city for all of this, but it is the right place to meet good friends and good people. As a volunteer I teach Turkish to children and young people. We visit old people in the Elderly home and we play bowling with them. We go to the mental hospital and play bingo with the people there. When you walk through the door at Mental hospital, it’s the best feeling for the people there to be happy to see you and and it’s one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life.

My project is about combining generations

The aim of the project is to investigate the characteristics of different generations by drawing attention to the contrasts between them and to observe the conflicts caused by the differences between the generations. I participate in activities to observe people of different age groups and their behavior. I am also preparing a survey on this project.

A little more about me…

Outside of the project, I usually walk by the river. I go out with my friends at night. I go to Zagreb when I find time on the weekends. I also meet my friends who live in Petrinja and come from Turkey. I’m also planning a little balkan tour.

3 words about my European volunteering:
friendship, generation, culture