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2020 - LE.MO.N.

”I enjoyed living here for 6 months and I really feel at home in Petrinja”

Margarida, 21 years, from Spain, 6 months, EVS Solidarity at hand in Petrinja, Croatia Coordinate by IKS

Everybody need somebody

I chose this mobility because I like the idea to work with different people from different ages, and different social situations. I really like people and I was used to working with children but this Volunteering gave me the opportunity to work with children, youth, and old people, mentally ill and blind people and it’s something I had never done before.

My life as a volunteer was challenging and interesting life. I learned a lot from everybody in the field. I felt like I was improving myself in every situation without any expectations but trying to do my best with everybody. Learning from all behaviours and having fun at the same time. Thinking how to do good workshops and funny activities… I really like being in this field.

I really like my project and all the work we did. As I said to have the opportunity to work with different people is a big challenge and at the same time a learning process every day, because every human being is different and to find a way to make everybody happy sometimes is difficult but always satisfactory. I did a lot of different workshops like cooking, teaching my language, playing games in a park, give information about mobility and volunteering, doing activities with the old people and mentally ill and blind people, in schools and universities… etc.

Beyond volunteering

And my life in Croatia and Petrinja, just amazing. For now is the best experience of my life and I’m very happy for it. I did a lot of things with a lot of people, I travel a lot, I live with 7 different people, I met people from all around the world, I went to a Croatian wedding, I learnt how to do sarma, I learnt how to do fire for the house heating, I participated in the festivities of Petrinja, I learnt some Croatian, I enjoyed living here for 6 months and I really feel at home in Petrinja.

3 words about my European volunteering:
happiness, open mind, custom