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2020 - LE.MO.N.

ESC : All about knowing a new culture.

kamil 1

Kamil, 25 years old from Poland. ESC project at BIJ (Bureau d’Inormation Jeunesse) of Hendaye.

Where did you do your ESC project? How would you describe it?

My ESC project in the border town of Hendaye came to an end in the fall, which in my opinion is the best time to say goodbye to the Basque Country (no one would like to leave such a nice place during the sunny summer). Finally, it’s time for a short summary.

I don’t know what words could describe the project, but the adventure was definitely diverse.

What would you say about your experience in this project and to future volunteers?

After the past few weeks, along with gaining perspective, I can say that people decide about the success of the project! In my case, it was a group of selected young people from different countries who decided how the past year went, despite the prevailing pandemic. What I will remember the most about my stay in France is the mixture of people with whom I could surround myself, spend my time and live.

I believe that the ESC project can be seen as a great adventure, an eye-opening moment of life, but also problems that one has to deal with. Above all, it is a culture that each member of the group brings with them, and this is how I would describe my ESC.