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2020 - LE.MO.N.



Work VR

Piloting virtual reality for language learning in the context of employability


Project period: september 2018 – july 2020
Target group: unemployed migrants and refugees, students and teachers in the professional sector
Coordinator: Vifin (Denmark)
Partners of the project: Pistes Solidaires (France), ENAIP Piemonte (Italy), VNB (Germany), Synthesis (Cyprus)
Website: see the websitefacebook page
Video: see the video on Youtube
Work promo: february 2020




The context
The project is based on a simple observation: access to employment for migrants and refugees are very often conditioned by a sufficient command of the language of the host country. The idea is to overcome these cultural, linguistic and professional barriers thanks to the augmented reality digital tool. Work-VR is based on computer technology that stimulates an environment similar to reality and allows for digital interaction through headphones, earphones and controllers. The project will be implemented in all the languages of the consortium.


The objectives
– To increase the language learning and digital skills of refugees and immigrants
– To favor professional inclusion of the migrants
– Support the students’ integration into the labour market by improving their linguistic and social competences in industry-specific environments


The result
The virtual reality environments, accessible though the use VR Sets, will be completed by a e-learning platform and will focus on three specific sectors: health, services and construction, as well as a job interview simulator. By focusing on these three sectors, the partners have been able to develop an environment and language aiming to boost learning and discovery.
These tools are designed as an introduction to these different professional fields, allowing afterwards the participants to apply for certified trainings with a better understanding of the tasks carried out. The platforms will be online in the summer of 2020.