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2020 - LE.MO.N.


adult education




Project period: October 2019 – March 2022
Target group:
– Refugees and migrants
– Town halls
Coordinator: Université du Pays Basque (Spain)
Partners of the project: Pistes Solidaires (France), Université du Pays Basque (Spain), Active Citizens Partnership (Greece), Iberika Sprachschule (Germany), CESIE (Italy).
Website: see the website




The context:
The reception of migrants in Europe faces more and more challenges. In response to the arrival of the migrants in different countries in Europe, a high number of villages find obstacles when trying to integrate the migrants in the cities. This project provides sustainable, low cost, community based and community generated informal learning opportunities to promote the inclusion of migrants and refugees using mobile technology.


The objectives:
– To create a game for mobile devices that provides fun, informal learning opportunities for migrants and refugees located and grounded in the communities they live in.
– To work with community groups, societies and businesses to create the challenges or tasks and work with migrants and refugees to create content to increase the physical environment for benefits of residents and visitors.

The result:
Once the project has been implemented, there will be a mobile app available for town, villages and communities to create learning challenges based on their cultural, physical and natural environment so that the whole town become an open learning resource. In order to support towns wanting to use the project, the project will establish a database of 600 interactive learning challenges that can be accessed through QR codes. Some other results also include a Toolkit for trainers and facilitators, as well as a Roll Out Handbook for other communities wanting to replicate the project.