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2020 - LE.MO.N.


youth rights education and citizenship & others

NEUEYT – Youngsters’ active citizenship


Project period: May 2021 – May 2023
Target group:
– Under-represented groups of youngsters (16-20 years old) living in remote/rural areas
– Policy makers

Coordinator: Glocal Factory (Italy)
Partners of the project: Glocal Factory (Italy), Pistes Solidaires (France), e-Trikala (Grecce), Hub Nicosia (Cyprus), FORIS (Italy), Poraka Nova (North Macedonia), ADGER (Norway).
Website: Currently under construction


The context
The project NEUEYT aims at facing some key challenges that the context of e-participation recalls. Research has shown a need to solve the lack of active participation of youngsters to democratic life, despite the fact of the use of internet, social media and different digital communication tools.
This is why NEUEYT project aims at developing a framework of blended initiatives for the enforcement of active citizenship and democratic participation among youngsters 16-20, particularly underrepresented in policy making decisions, with regard to those living in remote/rural areas.
A special attention has been given on the digital approach of the newly developed participation processes to reduce the gap among the invisible youth.


The objectives
– To increase the active participation in democratic life of under-represented youth targets, through blended approaches, new discussion/debate formats and innovative targeted languages.
– To increase the opportunities of youngsters to be listened by stakeholders and policy makers at a local, regional, national and up to international level, by boosting empowerment, identity, social responsibility and civic engagement.
– To spread the belief that youngsters identify the future of Europe, by allowing them to increasing general awareness that investing on youngsters, allowing them to trust in the institutions and the community, is crucial for the survival of the whole EU.