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2020 - LE.MO.N.



MEET – More Equal Europe Together




Project period: September 2019 – November 2021
Target group:
– Muslim women and girls.
– Key actors at a local level.
Coordinator: Fondazione L’Albero della Vita (Italy)
Partners of the project: Pistes Solidaires (France), Subjective Values Foundation (Hungary), Partners Bulgaria Foundation (Bulgaria), Polish Migration Forum (Poland), Lab 80 film (Italy), Poul la solidarité (Belgium), Progetto Aisha (Italy), FEMYSO (Belgium), Schole (Portugal), Fondazione L’Albero della Vita (Italy)
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The context:
During the last years in Europe, the number of cases of Islamophobia have risen, through the spread of fake news, hate speeches on social media, episodes of discrimination and even serious violent attacks. Muslim women and girls face a higher rate of discrimination, as they are underrepresented in media, in decision making, salary gaps and in career opportunities. This project aims at ending this discrimination and contributing to the prevention of islamophobia by different tools in the partner countries.

The objectives:
The MEET project wants to contribute to the prevention of islamophobia and discrimination against women and girls by:
– Empowering key actors at local level to build a culture of tolerance and respect.
– Fostering a positive narrative of muslim girls and women targeting youth and young leaders.


The result:
– The set-up of Local Observatories on Islamophobia to monitor racism and discrimination acts and to propose action plan to local authorities.
– Workshops on video making and debate education to create a pool of young Equity defenders
– Advocacy activities through the engagement of European institutions on the enforcement of EU legal framework.
– Spreading a counter narrative campaign to fight Islamophobia against women and girls.