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2020 - LE.MO.N.


adult education


Strengthening the employability of migrant women




Project period:November 2020 – December 2022
Target group: Migrant women and the key market participants
Coordinator: KITEV (Germany)
Partners of the project:  Pistes Solidaires (France), KITEV (Germany), Rinascita Societa Cooperativa Sociale (Italy), A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd (Cyprus), Rusenka Targovsko Industrialna Kamara (Bulgaria), Academia Postal 3 Vigo S.L. (Spain), AKNOW (Greece), Schole (Portugal)
Website: see the website




The context:
Despite the fact that 50% of refugees are women, studies show that only 4% of projects solicited between UN agencies targeted women and girls in 2014. After the refugee crisis in 2015, research has shown that women face many more difficulties than men to integrate in the community. This is due mainly to three reasons, taking on the obligation to look after the children, suffer of sexual discrimination or having had limited access to basic education. Being a woman, migrant and having a limited education makes it more difficult to find a job in a foreign country. This project aims at supporting women in these conditions to develop useful skills in order to strengthen their employability.


The objectives:
– To support women’s skills in employability and community life in their host country through different courses and observation periods
– To raise awareness to key market participants in order to understand the obstacles migrant women face when looking for a job.


The result:
– A training course for migrant women in order to strengthen their skills in employability
– A training course for key market participants in order to improve their intercultural skills.
– Creation of an online platform aimed at exchanging opinions and experiences on different topics of this project between a variety of actors.