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2020 - LE.MO.N.



Gardeniser pro

Professional development of a new figure: the “garden-organiser”


Project period: september 2017 – june 2020
Target group: Urban garden organisers
Coordinator: Replay Network (Italy)
Partners of the project: Pistes-Solidaires (France), PETRARCA (Allemagne), ECTE (Grèce), Social Farms & Gardens (Royaume-Uni)

Website: see the website




The project in short
This project aims to develop the professional figure of the urban/community garden organiser, known as the Gardeniser. With the development of urban and community gardens in Europe, a new professional figure is emerging: the urban garden organiser. Indeed, knowing how to garden, even if one is a gardener who knows all the techniques perfectly, does not mean that one will know how to lead a group, create a dynamic, lead a collaborative project in a territory to ensure the sustainability of the gardens.


The objectives
The main objective of Gardeniser Pro is to create and test an innovative European training programme promoting the development of a new professional role – the urban/community  garden’s coordinator/organiser with the purpose of strengthening knowledge, skills and competencies of the people aspiring to perform this role, testing the evaluation of their learning achievements through the ECVET system, with the objective of paving the way for their recognition in the educational and professional training systems, both at a regional and national level, thus favouring their employability.


The result
– A training kit in three modules (typology of urban gardens, managing volunteers) for trainers and urban gardens organisers with the purpose of ensuring the appropriate preparation of those who wish to implement training for aspirant Gardenisers at a local level.
– Local trainings followed by local and European internships: Some of the participants travelled to Italy, Greece, Germany and United Kingdom for a week to put in practice the skills learnt during their trainings.
– A Licence that was developed under the ECVET system to ensure a formal recognition of the Gardeniser’s professional profil among Europe
– An online platform will be available soon for connecting Gardenisers and urban/community gardens, with the aim of facilitating the matching of working demand with working supply. It will be available in the 5 languages of the consortium: English, French, German, Italian, Greek.