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2020 - LE.MO.N.


adult education

DISK – Cognitive training and digital skills for seniors


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Project period: October 2020 – September 2022
Target group: Seniors aged 65+.
Coordinator: E-Seniors (France)
Partners of the project: Pistes Solidaires (France), E-Seniors (France), Società Cooperativa Sociale Fuori dal Sommerso (Italy), IDP SAS DI GIANCARLO COSTANTINO (Italy), Institut de haute formation aux politiques communautaires (Belgium), Asociación IT solutions for all (Spain), Mathemagenesis idiotiki kefalaiouchiki etaireia (Greece), Community Development Institute (North Macedonia).
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The context:
Europe is facing a rapidly ageing population. According to EUROSTAT, as from 2050, more than a quarter (27%) of the population will be over 65 years old. The lockdown and pandemic have also presented a negative impact in seniors, as they have faced isolation and social exclusion, as well as a decline of general skills. In order to fight against  memory loss and other skills, this project aims at providing solutions to these problems with an “active ageing”. The goal is to support seniors in engaging with good practices in order to preserve their health with the help of new technologies.


The objectives:
– To create and test a platform which will gather different activities to train and improve the memory of seniors, as well as to get familiar with the variety of actions that internet offers (buying, reserving etc.).
– To improve the cognitive capacity and the health of seniors.
– To decrease the memory loss of seniors.


The result:
After the implementation of this project a platform for seniors will be available, providing different activities which will support the needs of the elderly people. Quiz and online games will be at their disposal in order to keep their brain working and to decrease the health issues. The project also includes the creation of a guide which will be useful for future activities for seniors.