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past opportunities volunteering

Bucharest, Romania – start February 2022 (6/11 months)

Type of offer: Volunteering
Coordinator:  A.C.T.O.R
Place: Bucharest, Romania
Period: Start February 2022 (6/11 months)



A.C.T.O.R (Cultural Association for Theatre and Origani in Romania) is looking for volunteers to work on projects related to theater, art, non formal education and active citizenship.


– developing and implementing socio-cultural and clinical animation sessions in schools, kindergartens, hospitals and social centres in Bucharest
– organising workshops for other volunteers
– contribute with visual material, articles, films, photos, for the Facebook, the annual magazine, the Youtube channel, Instagram and the blog
– plan and organise events to promote the ESC in general and volunteering in particular
– support the organisation and promotion of the organisation’s annual social and fundraising campaigns of the organisation
– organise artistic events (music, dance, theatre) to promote solidarity among young people


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